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KLiCs REACH for Business

1. Facebook business page with Instagram optimized and managed

2. 2k-10k reach guaranteed

3. 4-6 monthly custom posts

4. Social analytics updates

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KLiCs Digital Street Branding

1. 6 total social media accounts, optimized and managed.

2. Online review management.

3. Video vignette promos.

4. Branded Creative Content.

5. 10k+ monthly ad reach.

6. Monthly consultation and analysis update.

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1. Custom website development

2. Online ordering

3. Mobile optimized

4. Dedicated creative graphic artist

5. Logo design, cover photos, graphics, event flyers, etc.

6. Strategic social media marketing

7. Review management

8. 15k+ ad Reach monthly

9. Video Vignettes Promos

10. Monthly consultation and analytics report

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A la Carte


Custom Website Design

1. Unlimited updates

2. Online ordering

3. Mobile Optimized

4. Unlimited Pages

5. 10 day build out

6. Google Analytics Report

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Unlimited Graphic Design

1. Logo Design

2. Cover Photos, graphics, event flyers, etc.

3. Unlimited revisions

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Social Media

KLiCs Social Media Management

1. Your Choice of Four Accounts, Optimized and Managed

2. 12- 16 Strategic Custom Branded Posts

3. 5K+ monthly FB Ad Reach

4. Monthly Analytics Update & Consult

Try Today - $299/month Success Stories